Yeasayer Skips Ahead A Decade With “Odd Blood”

by admin

Yeasayer’s 2007 album “All Hour Cymbals” was excellent, right? It seemed like the Brooklyn indie band had found a way to re-interpret 70′s progressive rock, mix it with some hippie mystical vibes and classic pop structure, and generally make themselves good sonic AND alphabetic neighbors for their elders in Yes.

But now comes their new album “Odd Blood” and it seems Yeasayer has re-thought their influences. Or maybe, they’re going to go decade by decade from now on, because this record sounds like a doctorate level examination of 80′s alternative keyboard based rock music. Erasure jumps out as an natural comparison point, you can also hear New Order, Soft Cell, and tons of Peter Gabriel.

Yeasayer, “Rome,” from ODD BLOOD

So the question is, was this the sound they had in their heads the whole time? For the first album, were they somehow stuck with a more traditional rock instrumental palette and / or some kind of limits in the studio? Or was that a fully realized sound, and now this album is it’s own world? What are the “All Hour Cymbals” going to sound like live now? Lots of questions while we listen to this over and over again. Either way, I can’t wait for the concert (April 30th at the Grog Shop) and for whatever they have in mind for their next album.

whacked-out video #1 from the new album: