Interview with Dolfish: Playing Tonight at the Beachland Ballroom

by admin

Got an e-mail from a kid named Max who performs under the name Dolfish.  He’s from Cleveland, moved to Columbus for college, so naturally his EP is coming out on a record label from across the Atlantic.  None of this would matter if the music wasn’t such a trip.  The fantastically titled ‘Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out’ comes off like country music from 2030, assuming the past 100 years were skipped. It’s all soaked in cavernous, DIY-Spector pop production, and it sounds like the laughing gas is just starting to wear off.  Check out the interview below, and by all means go see the show tonight:

60:  Why ‘Dolfish’ as a stage name? How is a guy from Ohio coming out on an Irish record label?
Dolfish: “Long boring story, but the short of it is this: During a conversation about fish I attempted to say the word “dolphin” and it came out dolfish…it also looks a bit like Sollisch, my last name, when written in the right way. I don’t take these sorts of things too seriously so it just sort of stuck. I like it.”

I see pretty much no biographical info about you, so.. what should we know?
“I am 22. Born and raised in Cleveland Heights. Moved to Columbus to study English at OSU. I love sardines and rice…I’m getting a dog on Valentine’s Day. By day I work as an aid to children with Austism…at night, a rock and roll cyborg, programmed to melt your face. I also have a phobia or turtle necks. This is all true.”

How would you describe your music? I  hear country songs through echoey pop production, and a bit of Ween in there, too. (of course, I hear Ween in everything..)
“I think you’ve just about nailed it. Lyrics come first…the backing instrumentation (aside from the guitar) is meant solely to support the tune…I want to tour on this album with just an electric guitar, a kick drum, hi hat and maybe a harmonica. This kind of explains your question. Mostly I’d describe it as 60′s pop informed country, with a sense of humor.”

If your EP is 5 songs and 8 minutes long, is that how long the show’s gonna be? Or do you “Jam”
phish-style to fill the time? Will you have a drummer with you?  Have you written more songs?
“My live set will most likely be between 20 and 30 minutes. I will play electric guitar and sing while occasionally performing minimal drumming with my feet. I do have more songs up my sleeve. I also have one cover…it should be alot of fun.”

Suppose 8 minutes is too much music for someone to listen to.  What sixty second span of your record would you think best captures their attention?
“Awesome question! You’ll only need 47 seconds however. Pop it in, listen to track one, “I’m Proud of You, Joanna” and you’ll get the picture.”

Do you do any covers?  What are your favorite bands? If you had to play a marauding invader your favorite song, in hopes that it would convince them to spare your life, what would it be?
I’ve been known to cover 13 by Big Star…I love fellow Columbus natives, The Black Swans, Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch, Ghost Shirt, Saint Seneca among others. Outside of Columbus I am pretty obsessed with Death Vessel, Go Slowpoke, Neil Young (of course), Eef Barzelay, Akron/Family. I love Merle Haggard, Emmylou, and recently after being compared to him by My Old Kentucky Blog, I’ve been listening to some Robbie Fulks…WOW! I grew up on Cat Stevens, CSN(Y), Jackson Brown and the Boss.
As for the Marauding Invader, I’d sing him to sleep to the tune of “Simple Man” by Graham Nash as performed on a dusty wurlitzer.
Dolfish, Tonight! January 14th at Beachland Ballroom – highly recommended- here him for yourself at